Starme is the new and exciting way for people to connect instantly.

Find whatever you want whenever you want it and be delivered quickly at time of realization.

The frustration of search, especially when you already know what you want is an outdated style of communication.

Each *Name is unique to it's respective owner and delivers a simple yet elegant way for your audience to reach you quickly. By simply inputting a unique *Name within any major search engine query area like (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc..) your audience will cut through the haze of search and immediately connect to real time information your brand is promoting.

Starme delivers a full and robust mobile - web experience. This means that regardless of the operating device, iPhone, Android, PC, Windows - Mobile or Desktop, end users will access your information from easy to view, dynamic and amazing looking displays. These displays are called Fastapp's and enable your audience to easily navigate your relevant and real-time information while capturing important habits and metrics that you will use to define promotions, target market and ROI.

When your audience is ready to connect to your brand, provide an additional layer of social connectivity that is consistent, easy to use and fast. Create your Fastapp's now at str.me and secure your unique *Names before someone else.

Try it out today it's free, enjoy!

Increase your Fastapp's performances with Str.me resources

  1. Full access to Reports, Advanced CRM Tools, Email Campaign Services and Smart Retargeting Lists
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  2. Remove ads from your mobile-web displays.
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  3. White label, Remove Str.me branding from UI.
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  4. Password protect your *Name, private access only.
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